Studio JMP FAQ

How far in advance should I book my shoot?

Since we book quite far in advance we suggest booking as soon as possible to secure a date and spot. Our busiest seasons are May to October. A minimum two week pre-shoot booking time is required for scheduling.
What's the process to book a shoot?
We require a 50% retainer along with contract and release to book an available shoot date. Contact us for more details!
How long is the turn around time to receive images?
It takes us in general 2-3 weeks to complete your downloadable gallery.
How many images do you take in a session?
There is no limit to the number of images we shoot. However, depending on the session, we usually provide 15-20 high res images per hour of photography. This number will fluctuate depending on the nature of the shoot. Heavily stylized, conceptual shoots are usually low quantity but yield much higher impact images. For us quality is our main focus over quantity.
Can I request a female photographer for my session?
Yes. Laura would be happy to shoot your session!
Can I post my pictures on Facebook and Instagram?
Yes we do encourage it! However, all posted images must have the JMP logo visible and include a photography credit to Studio JMP.
Can I send these pictures to companies wanting to use them?
Vendors wishing to use images shot by Studio JMP must receive written permission from Studio JMP. All images used must have a photography credit attached. Please have the vendors contact us directly.
What if I don't want my pictures shown online?
While we respect the wishes and privacy of our clients as much as possible, we do reserve the right to display the images we create for our own promotion and marketing purposes. If there are special situations requiring our agreement for extra privacy, please contact us and let us know your situation for consideration.
What if I need to cancel my shoot?
Deposits can be moved up to 6 months from the date of original booking. Past 6 months, the deposit/retainer is nonrefundable and a new session will need to be booked. Deposits are not transferrable between clients.
How should I do my hair and makeup for the shoot?
In general we encourage a more natural glamourous look. If you are able to do your own hair and makeup professionally, that is acceptable. However, we encourage you to have your hair and makeup professionally done. Please contact us for referrals to amazing hair and makeup artists we have worked with. If shooting a boudoir or fitness shoot, please ensure that tanlines, and body blemishes are covered up as much as possible. Blending between face and neck and body for makeup is important. For questions for stylization please don't hesitate to contact us.
Where do we shoot if shooting on-location?
The actual on-location shoot depends on the feel of the image. Selecting the location is usually what we do in collaboration with you. However, if there's a specific location you want to shoot (i.e. a gym or another facility), it is your responsibility to line up the location. We will aid in this process as needed.
Can I send you pictures of how I want my session to look?
Yes absolutely! We encourage it. We want your shoot to look as close to how you want it to look as possible. That said, we also do encourage you to respect the freedom of us as artists to explore and create something unique for you!
I want to submit my images for publication how do I do that?
All submissions will be done through JMP. If you're interested in this, we will work with you to submit your images. Contact us about this if you are interested in submission.
Do you travel for sessions?
We travel frequently and welcome all commissions world-wide. There is a travel fee additional to the cost of the shoot depending on location and duration of stay. Please contact us for more details if you require pricing for travel. If we are in the city for a shoot stay, there is no extra cost to the session done while we are in your city. Contact us for travel dates to your location!